The Salesperson, Patience Has No Limits In Limits

The Salesperson, Patience Has No Limits In Limits

The Salesperson, Patience Has No Limits In Limits
- As a salesman, or to be precise, he is a waitress at a mini market. Made me meet many people with various characters. I try to learn every character of a customer be it a regular customer or just a few people who happen to drop by. Interestingly, each of them has a unique character and deserves careful attention.

Some of the characters are customers and people who have just arrived, not a few who act strange and irritate me. Not a few of them want to be treated like a king. It's true, buyers are kings but they act like tyrants. Some take things and then leave them just anywhere. There are also those who ask for help in a language that is not at all pleasing to the ear or even understood by the human heart. All requests for help sound like very emotional commands.

I as a servant are required to remain friendly with cruel kings like this. Of course that is my specialty. I learned to control my emotions well, from meditation and some other really strange things to counting from one to one hundred when the king was scolded. Not to mention if by chance the boss's mood is not good. The impact? Don't ask who is affected besides us?

Am I giving up?

Never crossed my mind to give up, but reality says otherwise. I have made plans for the future of course. I can't possibly continue like this, don't ever say I don't want to change things. Long before anyone suggested changing I had been chewing it very finely in mind. Every day I think of ways and do the best.

Why haven't you taken action yet?

If you don't know what I've done stop judging. I did a lot of things to realize the plan that I had chewed on my mind. Several times tried to make it happen but to no avail. I don't need to write down what efforts have been made to change the situation.

There must be something wrong with the way that is taken?

I don't know, like others, I always do self-evaluation and evaluation of the efforts that I have done. Find the cause of failure and try to fix it. But as if circumstances have not allowed me to grow better or circumstances teach me a lesson that I must be stronger? Who knows!

Maybe forget to give thanks or pray?

I admit, I'm not very good in terms of worship, but of course I always remember God in every action. Always learn to be grateful in every situation. Just imagine, would I still be like now if I was never grateful? I always run towards the light when darkness approaches. I always ask every time that passes.

Why hasn't it changed yet?

Maybe this question is the same question as the question above. Honestly, I don't want to answer like this. But at least I understand that I, you and others in this world are only playing a role. Effort is a small part of the written scenario. In essence, I or you will remain what has been defined.

What is expected in the future?

Not much, just hope whatever role I play. I hope the role I play is the best endeavor of the rest of my life. Regardless of the good and the bad. Regardless of having to cry or just being able to smile. I am still happy to carry out the role that has been assigned. Then are there any more rebel questions I should ask? Not!

What kind of ending do you want?

Just like any other human. I hope it has a good ending. Being able to do the best even though from a human perspective is still not good. At least I don't blame the situation, blame others and blame myself for the failures that have occurred. Maybe the world would be better off without regrets and a rope. No matter how bad the world I live in. I believe this is the best world that I can enjoy.

Is there a limit to patience as a salesperson?

Of course, I have a certain limit in my patience. Even in one day I have certain limitations. The emotional control that I do is sometimes shattered by the hands and mouths of the customer without the heart. Asking for more service with the worst attitude is the thing that has the most role in destroying the limits of a salesperson's patience.

What is expected from customers?

We, I and you are human. Let us behave as a human should behave? Problems may come at any time. But hurting other people can happen at any time. But what you can't just do is apologize. Apologizing will not heal wounds and pain. Apologizing only removes the sin between me and you and God. But not with pain. So be careful!

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