Minimalist Home Design Ideas Suitable For Millennials

Minimalist Home Design Ideas

Minimalist Home Design Ideas Suitable For Millennials
- Talking about contemporary designs, there are lots of design trends that are being favored by many people, one of which is the minimalist home design trend. These ten minimalist home designs put forward a functional, efficient, and of course maximum comfort for its residents.

Moreover, with the uniqueness, functionality, and simple sense that is given when the house has a minimalist design. Of course, this minimalist design is perfect for millennials who are very attached to a modern and simple lifestyle in carrying out their daily activities.

It should be noted that, currently, the average population of Indonesia is at a young and productive age, around the age of 25-40 years, also known as millennials. With the increase in millennials, this is also good news for property developers. Because later, of course, the demand for housing will increase and they will need a place to live.

The huge potential of the millennial market in Indonesia has made several well-known developers answer the needs of housing by presenting minimalist home designs. This can be an idea or recommendation for presenting a minimalist home design when you want to renovate a house.

So that you are no longer confused about how to design a rich house, see the following article to find out minimalist home design ideas that are suitable for millennials.

Installing large windows

Every house has windows, of course, but in general the windows in the house have a relatively small size. In fact, the function of this window is very important for lighting and air entering the house. When lighting is reduced and air circulation is obstructed, activities in the house are of course disturbed.

By applying a minimalist design to your home, the idea of ​​installing a large window can be a brilliant idea to maximize the function of the window itself. When installing large windows in the house, air circulation and lighting from outside can be maximized to enter the house.

Open space concept

The next minimalist home design idea is the concept of open space. Open space is an open area that combines 2 or more rooms in the house so that there are no partitions that make the house feel narrower.

Usually the application of this open space concept is to combine the family room, dining room, and kitchen into one without a partition. For example, in houses that have an open space concept for the family room and dining room.

Applying this concept will be much more effective and functional in spatial planning, because there will be no bulkhead barriers between rooms that make the house look narrower. Then, it will be much more flexible to arrange the layout of the furniture in the house.

In addition, it will make the atmosphere of the house feel warmer, and also make gatherings with family or friends more comfortable without feeling stuffy or cramped.

Geometric building architecture

The hallmark of a minimalist design is famous for its simple design but still beautiful to look at. Minimalist building architecture has geometric shapes on the front view of the house such as a cube or rectangle. Then, the shape of the roof of the house is also not triangular, but flat without any tiles on it.

The application of geometric architecture can certainly be the uniqueness of the house itself, because there are no other complicated details. For the facade of the house, it is also left plain without any supporting pillars that become a terrace like a European-style design. The coloring of the house on the front is also made simple by using white paint or natural wood texture.

Use simple and natural building materials

The use of materials is a very important and crucial thing in the process of building a house. For minimalist home designs in general, use simple and natural materials that are easy to find.

Such as wood or ceramic materials used for floors in homes. Not infrequently found the use of materials such as glass, concrete, or steel are also used in minimalist designs. This simple and natural building material actually gives the house its own charm, making it look unique and highlight the nature of the building material.

Dominated by monochromatic

White, black, and gray are often used to decorate minimalist home designs. The choice of colors makes the house look simple, clean, but still elegant. The application of the monochrome color is usually applied to floors, walls, or furniture used for home decoration. You can also apply other colors apart from these three colors to beautify the interior of the house so that it is not monotonous.

Small garden behind the house

Incomplete and life feels like a home if there are no plants in it. The presence of this garden certainly provides freshness to the house so that it is cooler and not stuffy. The characteristic of the garden in a minimalist home design is made simple but still beautiful.

A millennial house that maximizes limited land to become a small garden. Garden decoration can be with grass and small rocks, then the type of vines and medium size.

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