5 Ways to Enjoy Cheap and Economical Holidays Around the House

5 Ways to Enjoy Cheap and Economical Holidays Around the House

5 Ways to Enjoy Cheap and Economical Holidays Around the House
- Enjoying a holiday, it turns out that it doesn't always require a lot of effort and energy (and costs), you know. Vacations around the house can also be a solution to being able to stay "sane" during this pandemic. For example, here's an example of how we enjoyed Saturdays and Sundays during the pandemic.

What are the Vacation Options Around the House?

Before discussing the various vacation options around the house that you can do, let's first examine what the definition of vacation is. Vacation is a time when a person does not carry out his obligatory daily activities, for the purpose of relaxation, tourism, to do hobbies of interest.

Well, below are some activities that I do quite often with my family when the weekend arrives:


Hey, why take a break? Oh that's right. Sometimes after being tired all Monday to Friday, we need to rest to recover our energy. Of course, it is highly recommended to provide the intake of multivitamins with the right dose for our bodies, so that we can stay fit in our busy lives.

When you rest, of course it doesn't mean you sleep all day long. It's really possible to build bonds with family by telling stories to each other without the need to leave home. Food stuff? Wow, now it's really easy to order food via online.

Movie Time

Activity number 2 is very fitting to be combined with point number 1 above. While staying at home, you can really watch a family movie of your child's choice. Currently, there are so many choices of watching movies legally and at affordable prices, right for your family's choice.

While watching family films, as parents we can provide understanding to our children, regarding the moral message obtained from the film. In addition to forming empathy for children, this one activity will definitely make the bond between children and parents (bonding) stronger.

Gardening with Children

At this point, you can really choose when we are physically fit and can train our children about flora and fauna. Gardening doesn't need to be interpreted as heavy work, yes, but it can also be like moving plants from small, full pots to bigger pots, as well as fertilizing plants.

In addition to getting sweat from sun bathing and physical activities, children can really enrich their knowledge from trivia matters. 

As parents, we can explain why plants not only need water, they also need to be fertilized. We can make an analogy that fertilizer for plants is similar to humans also need vitamins, such as vitamin D for strength and bone growth.

Going to the Rice Fields

Well, if this is an activity that we often do, we go to rice fields near housing. Incidentally we only need to ride a motorbike for 5 minutes, to get to the rice fields behind the housing. 

The beautiful atmosphere of the rice fields, combined with concrete road access, and there are traditional huts, so we can let the children play in the small river near the rice fields, or in the rice fields.

Oh yes, when in the rice fields, I also sometimes guide the children to practice taking photos using a smartphone, and then edit them briefly.

Outing to the City Forest

The activity this time is similar to the previous point, but in the urban forest area. To be able to fully enjoy this budget vacation option, we usually go by car and bring simple picnic supplies such as mats, food and drinks, to a portable stove to make hot drinks. Oh yes, did you know that children really like to enjoy hot pot together in city parks?

From our experience, it is highly recommended to always provide spare gas cylinders, right? Of these 5 budget holiday ideas around the house, which one is your favourite? Let's share in the comments column.

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