Maths Exam vs Students

Maths Exam

Maths Exam vs Students - The entrance bell for the odd semester exam on Friday, December 3, 2021 has rung. It's time for students to enter their respective exam rooms. Mrs. Ayu teacher, go to room VIII. You can see the faces of freedom from the faces of students. Enter the room, while greeting and inviting them to pray.

"Ready for the math exam," said Mrs. Ayu.

"Ready ma'am," the student answered in an unconvincing voice.

The cover of the manuscript for class IX math questions was opened. In it there are question sheets, answer sheets, attendance lists and minutes. Mrs. Ayu's teacher distributed answer sheets, questions, and blank paper to students. Within minutes things changed instantly. The hustle and bustle of white dongker is silent without a word.

Facing a math exam that drains energy and mind. Mathematical formulas have been dancing in their heads. Some looked relaxed and some had been watching the clock on the wall that was frozen right in front of them.

In the right corner of the door, Randi and Agus were seen scratching their heads after glaring at a math problem. Meanwhile, Andi, the kinesthetic student, started twirling his pencil and then scribbling on his scribbled paper.

In front of me, sat a cute girl named Syifa. He casually began to fill in the blackened answer sheet.

"Make sure no one cheats and cheats. Do you still remember the rules conveyed by the student teacher?" said Mrs. Ayu.

Randi was a bit surprised to hear the affirmation from Mrs. Ayu. None of the answers have been blacklisted. In his mind, hoping that his friend would give him an answer. But the answer never came, so again he started to solve the math problem.

All the examinees are busy looking for answers with their own versions. Agus has been paying attention to drawing his favorite cartoon character, while Agil is drawing his idol.

Will the math exam be completed?

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