Hundreds of Journalists Protest and Release Press IDs in West Sumatra Governorate

pengusiran wartawan - Hundreds of journalists from offline and online media held a peaceful protest in front of the West Sumatra Governor's Office Building, Wednesday (10/5/23) afternoon. This peaceful action was associated by various journalist organizations Coalition of Non-Violent Journalists (KWAK) West Sumatra.

This action was the aftermath of the expulsion of a number of media crews who wanted to cover the inauguration activities of Padang Deputy Mayor Ekos Albar at the West Sumatra Governorate Auditorium on Tuesday (9/5/23) yesterday.

The action began in the courtyard of the PWI West Sumatra building to then move the convoy to the West Sumatra Governor's Office.

"This action is a form of our enforcement of morality, as well as the dignity and dignity of the journalist profession that has been harassed and marginalized," said one of the editors-in-chief of online media, Rahmatul Akbar in his speech.

Harassment of the journalist profession in West Sumatra, he said, has occurred very often. Even some time ago, West Sumatra Governor Mahyeldi Ansharullah had carelessly labeled journalists' journalistic products as hoaxes.

In addition, another journalist, Adrian Tuswandi, emphasized that West Sumatra Governor Mahyeldi's statement was considered to have often hurt the hearts and feelings of media crews.

"We are said to often make hoax news, we are silent, we are said to make unbalanced news, we are silent, but this time it is not. This time we are not silent, just one word, we are against," he said.

There was a representative from the West Sumatra Provincial Government who came down to meet the press personnel who took action, such as the Provincial Secretary and his staff, but was rejected and only given a few moments.

In addition to making speeches, the crowd also carried out theatrical actions and also symbolically released Press IDs and sowed flowers as a symbol of the death of the press in West Sumatra.

After taking action in front of the Governor's Office Building, the crowd continued to the West Sumatra Police Department to make a report on yesterday's incident.

Previously, four journalist organizations in West Sumatra condemned the alleged expulsion of a number of media crews when they wanted to cover the inauguration of Wawako Padang for the remainder of the 2019-2024 term, Ekos Albar.

At that time, when dozens of journalists from various media were already in the inauguration room and were preparing to do coverage, suddenly they were expelled by a number of individuals who were suspected to be employees of the West Sumatra Provincial Government.

"For media outlets that are not listed in the coverage, they are welcome to leave the room. Because in this boundary line, there are already officers assigned to take pictures. Please come out immediately," said a female officer and a member of Satpol PP West Sumatra loudly, Tuesday (9/5/23). *Uc/ang

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