Mayor of Bukittinggi Distributes Social Aid and PKH Phase II to 3,878 KPM 

walikota Bukittinggi -
The Bukittinggi City Government has again distributed social assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs for phase II, April to June 2023.

The assistance was given symbolically by the Mayor of Bukittinggi, at the Hall of the mayor's official house, Tuesday, May 9, 2023.

The Mayor of Bukittinggi, Erman Safar, explained that the assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs in the form of basic necessities and PKH is a routine program distributed by the Bukittinggi City Government.

"The beneficiaries come from the DTKS recommended by the City Government and determined by the Ministry of Social Affairs," said Erman Safar.

The mayor added that the amount of PKH assistance handed over varied according to the components received, ranging from Rp375 thousand to Rp1 million more. As for basic food assistance, IDR 200 thousand per month is handed over.

3878 recipients of PKH and basic food assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs phase II, consisting of 1904 recipients from MKS sub-district, 1198 recipients from Guguak Panjang sub-district and 776 recipients from ABTB sub-district.
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