Solsel Regency Government Commits to Distribute and Supervise Food Aid for National Rice Reserves

Sungai Kunyit - The South Solok Regency Government is committed to visiting and supervising the distribution of National Rice Reserve Food Aid to each country so that its distribution to the community is right on target.

This was conveyed by the Deputy Regent of South Solok, Yulian Efi in the distribution of food aid for national rice reserves in Sungai Kunyit and Sungai Kunyit Barat, Sangir Balai Janggo District, Saturday, (06/06/2023).

The distribution of rice reserve food assistance to Beneficiary Families (KPM) will continue until May 13, 2023. Until now, 14 of the 36 nagari that have been distributed food aid for rice reserves in South Solok.

According to Yulian Efi, coordination and communication at each level must be maintained and strengthened. This is because the rice reserve food aid from the National Food Agency (Bapanas) is expected to be distributed properly and truly benefit recipients in need.

"We would like to thank the central government for the assistance provided to South Solok Regency. This is certainly inseparable from our joint coordination and cooperation efforts. Start it from the bottom, province, and center. On the contrary, from the center to the regions. Therefore, we must maintain this coordination by overseeing this distribution, especially from upstream to downstream," he said.

Meanwhile, Wali Nagari Sungai Kunyit and Wali Nagari Sungai Kunyit Barat also expressed their gratitude for the assistance of national food reserves.

"Thank you to the ranks of the South Solok Regency Government, especially Nagari Sungai Kunyit," said Rivaldi as the Mayor of Sungai Kunyit.

He also invited the community to always support the program launched by the government, especially Sungai Kunyit will be the gateway to South Solok.

The distribution of food aid for rice reserves received by South Solok Regency amounted to more than 35 tons of rice to be distributed to 11 thousand KPM households. Distribution is given in 3 stages for the period of March – May.

For the two nagari distributed to 386 households, for Nagari Sungai Kunyit there are more than 200 kilograms of rice that will be distributed to 212 households. Then for Nagari Sungai KunyitBarat as much as 170 kilograms more for 174 households.

In distributing this aid, Yulian Efi was also accompanied by Sekdakab DR. Syamsurizaldi, Assistants, Expert Staff of the Regent and the heads of OPD. *uc/release

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