Dharmasraya Distribute Flags in Commemoration of Indonesian Independence Day

Dharmasraya Distribute Flags in Commemoration of Indonesian Independence Day
Guntal.com - In welcoming the 78th Indonesian Independence Day in 2023, the Dharmasraya district government will carry out various series of activities, one of which is marked by carrying out the movement to distribute the Sang Saka Merah Putih flag and take to the roads across Sumatra.

The activity which was carried out in the courtyard of the regent's office while heading to the Sumatra causeway Monday (03/07) is a form of love for the motherland. This was done in accordance with the Circular Letter (SE) of the Minister of Home Affairs, Number: 400.10.1.1/1965/SJ.

Dharmasraya Regent Sutan Riska Tuanku Kingdom, SE asked that what was done was actually followed up by stakeholders, village guardians, sub-district heads and OPD within the local government.

This, all aims to further increase our sense of love for the homeland and a sense of nationalism for all levels of society, especially for the people who are in this area of course.

The general chairman of APKASI Indonesia also invites and urges all parties to participate in carrying out activities ahead of the Indonesian Independence Day, to distribute red and white flags independently in their respective work areas," he asked.

The number one person in the Dharmasraya district also asked the regional secretary to act as the coordinator and technically it was carried out by the National and political unitary body.

Let's welcome the 78th Indonesian Independence Day with great fanfare, in addition to maintaining regional order and conduciveness before Independence Day arrives," he said.

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