Easily Elderly Obtain NIB, DPMPTSP Launches Innovation

Easily Elderly Obtain NIB, DPMPTSP Launches Innovation
- The One-Stop Integrated Service Investment Service (DPMPTSP) of Dharmasraya Regency, since 2022 has launched the IMUD LANSIA service innovation, which is an acronym for Easy Permit for Seniors.

PMPTSP Service Head, Naldi, in his office, Pulau Pujung (05/07/2023), said the launch of IMUD LANSIA was intended to accommodate elderly business actors who are still productive spread across various nagari areas who do not yet have a business license (NIB) due to various reasons. kinds of difficulties such as distance traveled, time, and less proficient with technology.

Naldi explained, by having an NIB, the business that was started would have legality and make it easier to access matters related to the administrative field. NIB which has been recorded, is one of the bases for the government to provide programs appropriately and according to the needs of MSME development.

"The working concept of IMUD LANSIA is, DPMPTSP requests data on productive elderly who need NIB from the nagari government. Then, DPMPTSP officers accompanied by village officials went straight to the location of the business for the elderly to process, issue and print the NIB on the spot," said Naldi, in his office, Wednesday (05/07/2023).

Naldi guarantees that all IMUD ELDERLY service processes are free of charge. So, officers who will visit prospective IMB recipients are not allowed to accept anything. This is because all processes carried out by officers are the responsibility of the Dharmasraya Regency Government.

Naldi admitted, during 2022, DPMPTSP had issued 162 NIB which were sourced from innovations in the services of the Elderly IMUD.

He continued, this IMUD LANSIA innovation is a form of DPMPTSP's commitment in providing PRIMA services to Priority Services in the Dharmasraya district, as a form of translation of the Vision of Dharmasraya Forward Cultured Mandiri, Regent Sutan Riska Sutan Riska Tuanku Kerajaan.

"We hope it can really make it easier and more useful, especially for senior entrepreneurs in Dharmasraya Regency, and that more and more MSMEs are recorded as having NIB," he concluded.
One of the recipients of the ELDERLY IMUD service is Titi. This 72-year-old woman is a resident of Lagan Jaya I, Nagari Sipangkur, Kec. Tiumang. The elderly, who is still productive in her old age, works as a seamstress, which she runs at home every day.

In the middle of 2022, he was visited by DPMPTS officers accompanied by local nagari officials to process the NIB for his sewing business. He admitted that initially he did not really know the benefits of NIB for his micro business.

But that same year, he unexpectedly received assistance in the form of a sewing machine unit from the Dharmasraya Regency Government, thanks to which his name was registered as an MSME actor who already had a Business Identification Number.
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