78th Anniversary of the Indonesian Red Cross, PMI Solok Regency and UTD-RS Arosuka Hold Blood Donation Action

HUT Palang Merah Indonesia ke 78, PMI Kabupaten Solok dan UTD-RS Arosuka Gelar Aksi Donor Darah
- The 78th anniversary of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) is celebrated with high humanitarian spirit.

PMI Solok Regency and Blood Transfusion Unit-Arosuka Hospital (UTD-RS Arosuka) held a blood donation activity which took place at PMI Solok Regency Headquarters, Jorong Kajai Nagari Koto Baru, Solok Regency, (25/9/23)

Every year, PMI Day becomes an important moment that is appreciated in the Indonesian humanitarian calendar. On September 17, the whole country celebrated the spirit of "Helping Wholeheartedly" with PMI.  

This blood donation activity became the main highlight in this area, with high enthusiasm from the state civil apparatus (ASN) of the Solok Regency Regional Government and the local community who participated in this humanitarian action. 

Not only making valuable contributions through blood donations, several civil servants and the community also received gifts as a form of appreciation for their concern. 

Based on the screening results, from dozens of potential donors in line, both from civil servants and the community, some of them are eligible to donate blood. 

This blood donation activity was initiated by the Head of PMI Solok Regency together with the Management, Head of Headquarters, and Family Resources (KSR) of PMI Solok Regency. 

Head of PMI Solok Regency, Syamsul Nurzal, SP, stated, "We will fully support humanitarian programs, especially blood donation, and strongly agree that we will make similar activities a routine agenda at PMI Solok Regency. Hopefully this can be realized together in the future. We would also like to thank ASN Pemkab Solok and the community who have participated in donating blood today," he concluded. 

Doctor Nike Anggreini, as Head of UTD-RS Arosuka and Head of Health and Social Services PMI Solok Regency, added, Blood service is one of the efforts in the health sector to cure diseases and restore health.  

The availability of sufficient blood or blood components is indispensable, and these can be easily obtained from voluntary donors wherever they are. 

The commemoration of PMI's 78th Anniversary in Solok Regency is a clear proof of the strong humanitarian spirit in the community, as well as the commitment to continue to contribute to efforts to save human lives through blood donations. May similar activities continue and be more successful in the future. (Chi) 

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