5 Best Indonesian Films with Educational Themes

5 Best Indonesian Films with Educational Themes
Education is an important aspect of human life, especially in a developing country like Indonesia. However, not everyone has the same access and opportunity to get a quality education. 

Some people face various challenges and obstacles, such as poverty, discrimination, violence, or geographical isolation. 

These issues are often reflected in the films that are produced in Indonesia, which aim to raise awareness and inspire the audience.

In this article, we will explore some of the films that have the theme of education in Indonesia, and how they portray the struggles and achievements of the characters. 

We will also discuss the messages and values that these films convey, and how they relate to the current situation of education in Indonesia.

Laskar Pelangi

Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops) is one of the most popular and acclaimed films about education in Indonesia. 

It is based on a best-selling novel by Andrea Hirata, which tells the story of his childhood in Belitung, an island in Sumatra. 

The film follows the lives of a group of students who attend a poor and dilapidated elementary school, called SD Muhammadiyah. 

Despite the lack of facilities and resources, the students have a strong desire to learn and pursue their dreams, with the help of their dedicated teachers.

The film depicts the harsh realities of education in rural areas, where many schools are underfunded and understaffed. 

It also shows the contrast between the rich and the poor, as the students have to compete with the children of a mining company that exploits the natural resources of the island.

However, the film also celebrates the spirit of optimism and resilience, as the students overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. 

The film also highlights the importance of friendship, solidarity, and diversity, as the students come from different backgrounds and have different talents and aspirations.

Laskar Pelangi is a film that inspires many people to appreciate and value education, as well as to fight for their rights and dignity. 

It also encourages people to support and empower the marginalized and disadvantaged groups in society, especially the children who are the future of the nation.

Sokola Rimba

Sokola Rimba (The Jungle School) is another film that deals with the theme of education in Indonesia, but from a different perspective. 

It is based on a true story of Butet Manurung, an activist and educator who founded the SOKOLA Foundation, which provides alternative education for the indigenous people in remote areas. 

The film focuses on her experience of teaching the children of the Orang Rimba, a nomadic tribe that lives in the forests of Jambi, Sumatra.

The film portrays the challenges and conflicts that arise from the encounter between two different cultures and worldviews. 

On one hand, Butet tries to introduce the Orang Rimba to the modern society and its values, such as literacy, numeracy, and citizenship. 

On the other hand, the Orang Rimba try to preserve their traditional way of life and their connection to nature, which are threatened by the encroachment of the logging and palm oil industries. 

The film also explores the issues of identity, belonging, and empowerment, as the Orang Rimba struggle to find their place and voice in a changing world.

Sokola Rimba is a film that raises awareness and respect for the diversity and richness of the cultures and peoples in Indonesia. 

It also advocates for the recognition and protection of the rights and interests of the indigenous people, who are often marginalized and exploited by the dominant forces in society. 

It also challenges the conventional notion of education, and proposes a more holistic and inclusive approach that respects and responds to the needs and aspirations of the learners.

Negeri 5 Menara

Negeri 5 Menara (The Land of Five Towers) is a film that explores the theme of education in Indonesia from a religious perspective. It is based on a novel by Ahmad Fuadi, which is inspired by his own experience of studying at an Islamic boarding school (pesantren) in Ponorogo, East Java. 

The film follows the journey of Alif, a young boy who is sent by his parents to study at the pesantren, where he meets his five friends who share the same dormitory. Together, they form a bond and a motto, "Man jadda wa jadda", which means "He who strives will succeed".

The film depicts the life and culture of the pesantren, which is a unique and influential institution of education in Indonesia. It shows the rigorous and disciplined curriculum that the students have to follow, which includes learning the Quran, Arabic, and other Islamic sciences. 

It also shows the various activities and events that the students participate in, such as sports, arts, and social services. The film also portrays the challenges and temptations that the students face, such as peer pressure, love, and career choices.

Negeri 5 Menara is a film that inspires and motivates people to pursue their dreams and potentials, regardless of their backgrounds and circumstances. 

It also promotes the values of faith, friendship, and tolerance, as the students learn to respect and appreciate each other's differences and similarities. 

It also showcases the diversity and dynamism of Islam in Indonesia, which is often misunderstood and misrepresented by the media and the public.

Like & Share

Like & Share is a film that deals with the theme of education in Indonesia from a contemporary and digital perspective. It is directed by Gina S. Noer, who is known for her works that address the issues and challenges of the youth in Indonesia. 

The film tells the story of two teenage girls, Lisa and Sarah, who have different problems related to sex, media, and law. 

Lisa is addicted to pornography, which she watches on social media, while Sarah is raped by her boyfriend, who then spreads the video online.

The film exposes the dangers and impacts of the misuse and abuse of the internet and social media, especially among the young generation. 

It shows how the lack of education and awareness about sex, media, and law can lead to serious consequences, such as addiction, trauma, cyberbullying, and legal troubles. 

It also shows how the parents, teachers, and authorities are often clueless and helpless in dealing with these issues, which require more attention and intervention.

Like & Share is a film that educates and informs people about the importance and responsibility of using the internet and social media wisely and ethically. 

It also empowers and supports the victims and survivors of sexual violence and harassment, who often face stigma and discrimination in society. 

It also calls for more collaboration and communication between the stakeholders, such as the family, the school, the community, and the government, to create a safer and healthier environment for the children and the youth.

Petualangan Menangkap Petir

Petualangan Menangkap Petir (The Adventure of Catching Lightning) is a film that explores the theme of education in Indonesia from a creative and adventurous perspective. 

It is directed by Kuntz Agus, who is known for his works that combine fantasy and reality in a playful and imaginative way. The film revolves around Sterling, a boy who is obsessed with making YouTube videos, but has no friends. 

One day, he meets a girl named Ziggy, who invites him to join her and her friends in a quest to catch lightning.

The film portrays the fun and excitement of learning and playing outside the classroom, which is often neglected and underestimated in the formal education system. 

It shows how the children use their curiosity, creativity, and courage to explore the world and discover new things, such as science, nature, and culture. 

It also shows how the children develop their social and emotional skills, such as communication, collaboration, and empathy, through their interactions and adventures with each other.

Petualangan Menangkap Petir is a film that entertains and delights people with its colorful and whimsical style and story. 

It also encourages and reminds people to appreciate and enjoy the beauty and wonder of life, as well as to nurture and express their inner child, who is always eager to learn and grow.
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