5 Richest Lawyers in Indonesia, Paid Billions of Rupiah!

Guntal.com - A handful of the richest lawyers in Indonesia have certainly handled various kinds of cases from different people, ranging from officials to top artists.

List of Famous and Most Expensive Lawyers in Indonesia

A lawyer or attorney is someone who conducts or provides advice and defense for others related to the resolution of a legal case.

In the case of Raffi Ahmad, he trusted Hotman Paris Hutapea's famous lawyer to dismiss and refute the allegations.

As we know, Hotman Paris is a famous lawyer who is famous for his eccentric style of dressing and is always surrounded by many women.

Looking at his luxurious lifestyle, it is certain that the profession run by Hotman Paris has a very fantastic nominal fee.

So curious about how much nominal payment received by famous lawyers in Indonesia? Let's look at the following details.

1. Hotman Paris

In the entertainment world, Hotman Paris is famous as a person who has a quirky style whose life is surrounded by women and luxury cars.
Hotman Paris, pengacara terkaya di Indonesia (Photo: JPNN)
He is one of the leading and best lawyers in Indonesia. Even his name is included in the list of the 100 best lawyers in Indonesia according to Asia Law Business 2021.

Seeing this, it is not surprising that Hotman Paris is reported to have a wealth of up to Rp4.5 trillion.

Thanks to his experience and intelligence, one of the richest lawyers in Indonesia is very confident in setting legal service rates of up to billions of rupiah, which is around Rp1.3 billion.

2. OC Kaligis

Next is OC Kaligis, who is known as his senior legal advisor in Indonesia.

The man whose full name is Otto Cornelis Kaligis is said to have a fantastic salary, around Rp. 8 million per hour.

In fact, he was rumored to have received a payment of up to IDR 4 billion to solve just one legal case.

3. Hotma Sitompul

Hotma Sitompul is a famous lawyer who often takes over big cases and includes a very large salary.

Not always from the celebrity circle, he also often receives major cases from government officials to institutions.

From the information circulating, Hotma Sitompul reportedly received a payment of IDR 3 billion for cases handled at the Ministry of Social Affairs.

4. Fredrich Yunadi

Do you still remember the e-KTP corruption case involving Setya Novanto? Fredrich Yunadi is a figure trusted by Setnov to be his legal advisor.

According to information circulating, the big lawyer received a payment of around Rp2 billion for each case he held.

Even Fredrich himself was reported to have managed around 14 legal cases with total revenues of up to Rp28 billion.

With this amount, it is not surprising that Fredrich Yunadi is included in the list of lawyers with the largest rates.

5. Otto Hasibuan

Otto Hasibuan is one of Indonesia's richest lawyers whose name soared after he successfully handled a premeditated murder case involving cyanide coffee.

At that time, he acted as legal counsel for Jessica Kumala Wongso, the defendant in the Mirna Salihin death case.

In addition to that case, Otto was also involved in the Djoko Tjandra case related to the Bank Bali scandal.

Through that case, Otto reportedly received an honor of USD2.5 million which if converted to Rupiah reached Rp37 billion.
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