Bawaslu Tanah Datar Holds Facilitation Meeting for Gakkumdu Center for Quiet Period

Bawaslu Tanah Datar Holds Facilitation Meeting for Gakkumdu Center for Quiet Period
Facing the quiet period of the 2024 General Elections, the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) of Tanah Datar Regency held a "Gakkumdu Center Facilitation Meeting" which was held by the Tanah Datar District Attorney's Office, Tanah Datar Police Station, Padang Panjang Police Station, Head of Kesbangpol Tanah Datar, PWI and KWRI Chairmen and all Panwascam Management in Tanah Datar.located at Emersia Hotel, Tuesday (6/2).

Acting Secretary of Bawaslu Tanah Datar Harmes Yoni, S.Ag, S.pd.MM in his speech stated. Bawaslu Tanah Datar ahead of the general election and in quiet times is in dire need of information from the public about election violations by election participants, both by candidates and by parties participating in the election.

This activity is to anticipate violations, which in this quiet period can be used by irresponsible individuals to take advantage of both their personal and party

"So this activity is very important to be carried out before the election so that Panwascam and also Gakkumdu can equate perceptions in anticipating violations before and during the election," said Harmes Yoni.

Koodiv Handling and enforcement of Bawaslu Tanah Datar, Al-Azhar Rashidin, SHI. SH in his directive stated. In the quiet period of the election, we will regulate the attributes of candidates and parties in collaboration with Satpol PP and also the security and if there are still candidates who still violate Bawaslu, they will take the authority in the working group, referring to PERBAWASLU as a basis for follow-up.

"To all ranks of Panwaslu, I remind you to prevent election violations and political money committed by candidates against voters," hoped Al Azhar Rashidin.

Al Azhar Rasyidin added that after this event we together with Gakkumdu members will hear election violations committed by a candidate in Padang Gantiang District and also in Tanjuang Baru District, for that we really need the role of the community to convey if there are violations committed by candidates to us and also the role of the press to be able to report violations and also provide education to the community, Al Azhar said.

After the opening ceremony, it continued with briefing materials for Panwascam and also discussions with resource persons.
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