Bundo Kanduang Nagari Saniangbaka, Participates in Capacity Building Briefing

Bundo Kanduang Nagari Saniangbaka, Solok Regency
- A total of 80 bundo kanduang nagari saniangbaka, x koto Singkarak district, Solok regency participated in a capacity building briefing activity organized by the local nagari government, Thursday (2/22/2024). This activity aims to provide insight and motivation to bundo kanduang as the guardian of Minangkabau traditional heritage and traditions.

The activity which took place in the hall of the saniangbaka nagari guardian office was attended by the nagari guardian Syafrizal Chandra Bahar, the chairman of the bundo kanduang nagari saniangbaka Bundo Hetriyeli, the chairman of BPN Ria Viva Sopyan, and the cultural civil service of Solok Wirasto SH district representing the Solok regency Disparbud.

In his remarks, the guardian of the nagari Syafrizal Chandra Bahar thanked the Disparbud of Solok regency and the bundo kanduang who had attended the activity. He hopes that this activity can run smoothly and be useful to increase the capacity of bundo kanduang in maintaining and preserving nagari customs and traditions.

Meanwhile, Wirasto SH cultural civil servant who was also one of the speakers in this activity appreciated the initiative of wali nagari and bundo kanduang nagari saniangbaka who had organized this briefing activity. He said that bundo kanduang has an important role in Minangkabau society as the heir and protector of cultural values. He also invited bundo kanduang to remain compact and committed in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.

This briefing activity presented several materials related to the political, social, cultural, and economic role of bundo kanduang in Minangkabau society. In addition, this activity was also filled with discussions, questions and answers, and sharing experiences between bundo kanduang.

This activity received a positive response from the participants who felt they had gained new knowledge and inspiration from the speakers. One of the participants, Bundo Yuliana, said that she felt proud and motivated to become a better bundo kanduang. He also hopes that activities like this can continue to be carried out regularly and involve more bundo kanduang from other nagari.

This briefing activity to increase the capacity of Bundo Kanduang Nagari Saniangbaka is one form of the Nagari Government's efforts in strengthening local democracy and realizing the vision of an advanced, independent, and cultured Nagari. (Rils)
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