Had Tried to Escape, Solok City Police Drug Task Force Arrested Drug Perpetrators

Had Tried to Escape, Solok City Police Drug Task Force Arrested Drug Perpetrators
- The Solok City Police Drug Investigation Unit made an arrest of a man suspected of being involved in drug abuse on Friday (16/2/2024) at around 20.00 WIB.

Head of the Solok City Police Resobats, IPTU Rico Putra Wijaya said the arrested perpetrator was TA (25) who was secured in Tanah Garam Village, Lubuk Sikarah District, Solok City.

"Based on the information we have obtained from the public, there was drug dealing activity at the crime scene. We immediately conducted an investigation and managed to arrest the perpetrators according to the characteristics obtained from the community," he said.

TA's arrest, he said, was made when the perpetrator was sitting on a motorcycle and the perpetrator tried to escape when he was about to be secured by the police.

"When we were going to secure it, the perpetrator tried to run away 15 meters. However, we managed to secure the perpetrators," he said.

When the perpetrator was successfully secured, an examination was then carried out at the crime scene, and evidence was found in the form of two folds of Dji Sam Soe cigarette paper containing 1 package of class 1 methamphetamine narcotics.

"Other evidence includes one unit of XIAOMI brand gold Android mobile phone, and 1 unit of red Yamaha Mio brand motorcycle without license plate and without ignition key," he added.

During interrogation, the suspect admitted ownership of the Shabu package found and stated that it belonged to him.

"The perpetrator and other evidence have been secured at the Solok City Police Station for further examination," he concluded. (Riel)
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