MMD/N Koto Baru, Discusses Overcoming Health Problems

Solok Regency, Discusses Overcoming Health Problems
- Koto Baru, February 24, 2024, the Nagari Koto Baru Government together with the Salayo Health Center held a Nagari Community Conference (MMD/N) at the Nagari Koto Baru Hall, Kubung District, Solok Regency. This activity discussed overcoming health problems in Nagari Koto Baru.

Present on the occasion were Pj. Wali Nagari Koto Baru Irman, SE, Chairman of the Nagari Consultative Body (BPN) Saputra, S.Pd.I, and Chairman of Nagari Traditional Density (KAN) Noviarman, S.Sos. MM.

Based on the results of an introspective survey by the Sayo Health Center Team, several health problems were found that need to be discussed in MMD / N. One of them is changes in community behavior that can trigger health problems, such as poor waste management.

Changes in community behavior, such as poor waste management, can trigger various health problems, / Nagari and Puskesmas agreed to jointly improve the degree of health in Nagari Koto Baru. This effort will be carried out through counseling and delivery of Puskesmas programs that benefit the people of Kubung and Nagari Koto Baru Districts.

"We agreed to jointly improve the degree of health in Nagari Koto Baru through counseling and Puskesmas programs," said Irman.

This MMD/N activity went smoothly. It is hoped that with this MMD/N, all parties can solve health problems in the Nagari Koto Baru area and its surroundings together.

"Hopefully with this MMD/N, we can solve health problems in Nagari Koto Baru and its surroundings together," hoped Irman. (Xin)
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