MTsN 7 Solok Triumphs at OSAKA MAN 4 Tanah Datar Event

MTsN 7 Solok - Participating in enlivening the OSAKA COMPETITION SEASON 1 (Sports, Science, Scouting, and Religion) MAN 4 Tanah Datar competency event, MTsN 7 Solok participated in 6 branches of the competition, which took place at the MAN 4 Tanah Datar campus on Thursday to Saturday, (22 to 24 February 2024).

Ardoni Ernanda, Head of MAN 4 Tanah Datar in his speech said, this year's Osaka event widened my area to other districts, namely the city of Padang Panjang and Solok regency. 

This activity is a gathering and promotional event for Madrasah and Junior High School students who will continue their education later.

The branches of the competition held are, tahfiz juz 30, men's and women's Volly Ball, UN Organizer level, Subject competition, MSQ, and Friday Sermon.

MTsN 7 Solok students, managed to make achievements in this event for 4 branches of competition, namely 2nd place in the UN, 1st place in MSQ, 1st place in Friday sermons, 3rd place in men's volly ball Head of MTsN 7 Solok.

Wastariddarima expressed his appreciation to MTsN 7 Solok students who have made the name of the madrasah proud, and especially to the trainers who have tried their best in fostering students to this level. 

For MTsN 7 Solok this is an extraordinary achievement, being able to expand my life to other districts.

And this proves that the madrasah is the pride of the Tanjung Balik nagari community, it can already participate in other prestigious events of the Ministry of Religion, such as the robotic competition which was recently also attended by MTsN 7 Solok students in the city of Bukittinggi, said Wastariddarima. (xi anh)

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