Solok Regency Public Library New Building Starts Operating

Solok Regency Public Library New Building Starts Operating
- The Solok Regency Regional Public Library soft launched on Wednesday (6/2/2024) in Nagari Koto Baru, Kubung District.

The inauguration was carried out by the Regent of Solok, represented by the Regional Secretary of Solok Medison Regency.

The theme of this activity is "Strengthening Community Literacy through the transformation of Social Inclusion-based Libraries as a smart solution for community economic recovery"

Head of the Library and Archives Office Zulmarnus said that this soft launching was to inform the wider community that the new library building could be used before the inauguration.

"The new building of the library has begun to be usable. This building consists of a reading room and is also equipped with a meeting room with a capacity of approximately 200 people," he said.

In addition, there is also a studio and ICT room which is expected to be well useful and can give birth to the people of Solok Regency who excel in their fields.

Meanwhile, Solok Regency Secretary, Medison, expressed his pleasure because Solok Regency could already use the new Library building.

"This is one of the commitments of the Regent of Solok to revitalize the former Solok Regent office complex to return to become a center of activity, service center and center of community economic activity," he added.

Furthermore, Medison stated that we will make this library as a center of activity, not only for reading but also various kinds of skills both for the community and schools of various levels (elementary to college).

At the end of his remarks, Medison hoped and appealed to let's enliven and make good use of this Library Building together so that later it can produce quality human resources and give birth to great Solok Regency people. (Ril)
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