Solok Regent Visits Jalan Rimbo Data-Kapujan

Solok Regent Visits Jalan Rimbo Data-Kapujan
- Solok Regent Capt. Epyardi Asda, M.Mar Dt Sutan Majo Lelo together with Member of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia Athari Gauthi Ardi conducted a review of the Kapujan-Rimbo Data Road which has been improved through the Regional Road Presidential Instruction (IJD) of Solok Regency located at Jorong Rimbo Data Nagari Sungai Nanam, Tuesday (06/02/2024).

The Head of the National Road Research Institute (BPJN) II West Sumatra Thabrani and his staff were present, and in this case the Regent of Solok was accompanied by the Head of the PUPR Office Evia Vivi Fortuna, the Head of OPD, Tigo Lurah and Gumanti Valley Sub-districts and Walinagari and community leaders from two sub-districts.

This Kapujan-Rimbo Data road upgrade was a proposal from Member of Commission V of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia Athari Gauthi Ardi in 2022, Athari immediately proposed increasing Kapujan-Rimbo Data road access to the PUPR ministry after making a working visit to Nagari Rangkiang Luluih on June 18, 2022, this road improvement was finally realized through Presidential Instruction funds with a total budget at that time of 39 billion Rupiah and was successfully bid by the provider services from PT. ARPEX PRIMADHAMOR of Rp.35,991,122,000.00,-.

From the report of Kasatker PJN II West Sumatra Andi the Kapujan-Rimbo Data road section has a length of 16,257 Km and has now been successfully completed along 9 Km with a division of 4.5 Km from Kapujan and 4.5 Km from Rimbo Data so that there are still 7,257 Km in the middle of the Kapujan-Rimbo Data road connection, road work has begun since July 24, 2023 and has been completed on December 29, 2023.

Member of Commission V of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia Athari Gauthi Ardi said that in accordance with the president's direction how we can build road access for 3T (Outermost, Disadvantaged and Isolated) areas, we together with the Ministry of PUPR in this case the Directorate General of Highways are trying their best to improve access to the Kapujan-Rimbo Data road.

"Alhamdulillah, slowly from the ±16 Km section of the Kapujan-Rimbo Data road, we have succeeded in repairing along 9 Km, we hope that with the construction of this road access, it can help the community, not only those from Tigo Lurah but also on the Nanam River, as well as the economy of our people living in the 3T area can be helped," said Athari.

Regarding the remaining 7.257 km of roads, Athari said that there are still approximately 20 billion Regional Road Presidential Instruction budgets in 2024 for Solok Regency, for that, God willing, in the future it will be able to be continued again.

Head of BPJN II West Sumatra Thabrani expressed his gratitude to the Regent of Solok and all communities who have supported the sustainability of the Kapujan-Rimbo Data Regional Road Presidential Instruction package so that now the 9 Km road section has been completed.

Thabrani further said that this is one of the programs to improve inter-regional road connectivity and this road was also built to open regional isolation from Kapujan-Rimbo Data which can be known together that Tigo Lurah District is quite isolated so that currently the condition is quite smooth.

Solok Regent Epyardi Asda on behalf of the people of Solok Regency thanked for the efforts and assistance from Members of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia together with the Ministry of PUPR who have helped improve access to the Kapujan-Rimbo Data road so that it can help the people of Solok Regency, especially Tigo Lurah District which has been an isolated area.

"We are together grateful that the Kapujan-Rimbo Data road access can cut travel time to Tigo Lurah by six to seven hours, this has a good impact on accelerating road access and we believe that with this Tigo Lurah will no longer be an isolated area," said the Regent of Solok.

Furthermore, the Regent of Solok and his entire entourage then went to directly review the location of the road that was still unresolved, seeing that the condition of the road had been hardened so that at this time even though no improvement had been made, it could still be passed by road users who wanted to pass. (Reals)
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