Dila and Ahmad Named as Uni and Uda Padang City Tourism Ambassadors 2024

Dila and Ahmad Named as Uni and Uda Padang City Tourism Ambassadors 2024
Guntal.com - Dila Sofira and Ahmad Arif have been successfully selected as the couple of Uni and Uda Duta Wisata Kota Padang in 2024. Both were crowned after eliminating 14 other pairs of participants by going through a fairly tough judging process on the grand final night at the ZHM Premiere Hotel, Saturday (2/3/2024) night.

This successful activity presented seven judges, including the Chairman of the Padang City Dekranasda, Mrs. Genny Hendri Septa as the honorary judge.

In his remarks and directions, the Mayor of Padang said the tourism sector is one of the three leading sectors to accelerate regional development in Padang City.

"With the vigorous promotion of tourism by Uni and Uda tourism ambassadors, hopefully it will have an impact on increasing the number of tourist visits. This certainly has an impact on the community's economy, and the development of the creative economy around tourist destinations," he said in an official statement.

"Furthermore, I hope Uni and Uda tourism ambassadors are expected to contribute to helping the Padang City Government in bringing tourism and the creative economy of Padang City to the national and even international levels. But without leaving the wisdom of our local culture," he added.

Meanwhile, Head of the Padang City Tourism Office Yudi Indra Syani said, in this year's election there were 252 young people who registered to compete for the title as Uni and Uda Duta Wisata Kota Padang in 2024.

"After going through the administrative selection stage, 86 participants were selected consisting of 48 Unions and 38 Uda. Then it narrowed down again to 30 participants or 15 finalist pairs competing on the grand final night," he said accompanied by the Chairman of the Indonesian Tourism Ambassadors Association (Adwindo) of Padang City Bima Govaroli.

In the Grand Final of the 2024 Padang City Tourism Ambassador and Uda Padang City Tourism Ambassador Election, the second and third winners of Uni and Uda Padang City Tourism Ambassadors were also announced.

Then Uni and Uda Talented, Uni and Uda Favorite and Uni and Uda Intelligence. In addition, Uni and Uda Creative Economy Ambassadors, Uni and Uda Environment Ambassadors and Uni and Uda Ambassadors CPB Rupiah and QRIS Padang City 2024. (*)

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