Price Stability, Payakumbuh Government Holds Cheap Market - Payakumbuh City Government held a cheap market in the parking lot of the Cooperative and SME Office, Wednesday (6/3/2024) to Thursday (7/3/2024). This activity was carried out in order to stabilize the price of basic commodities ahead of Ramadan 1445 Hijri.

Payakumbuh Acting Mayor Jasman said the cheap market was implemented considering that there were a number of basic commodities that experienced an increase ahead of Ramadan and also to control inflation in Payakumbuh City.

"The implementation of the cheap market is a form of government concern for the community. Hopefully what we are doing this time is useful for our community," he said.

Jasman revealed, this year there will be several cheap markets and is expected to be carried out in various other places to visit the community directly.

"We want to ensure that the government as a public servant will always be present in the community in any condition," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of the Cooperatives and SMEs Office M Faisal said that in the routine activities carried out by his office this time, there were four types of staples sold in the cheap market. Namely rice, eggs, sugar, and cooking oil.

"This is our first activity this year and will be held several more times this year. This cheap market activity is budgeted from the Payakumbuh City Budget," he said.

He said that for the rice, a total of 5.5 tons were provided, consisting of 3.5 tons of child rice which was sold for IDR 14,500 per kilogram, while the price in the market was IDR 17 to IDR 18 thousand per kilogram. Furthermore, SPHP rice as much as two tons were sold for IDR 11,500 per kilogram

Furthermore, for eggs, 500 trays are provided which are sold for IDR 48 thousand for one tray at normal prices in the market of IDR 54 thousand to IDR 57 thousand.

Meanwhile, sugar is provided as much as 1 ton with the price for one kilogram is only Rp. 14 thousand with normal prices in the market of Rp. 17 thousand to Rp. 18 thousand.

"Finally, for oil with partner brands, we provide as many as 3,000 liters which are sold for IDR 29 thousand per two liters at market prices of IDR 34 thousand to IDR 35 thousand," he said.

He said people's interest in coming to the cheap market was very high, especially to be able to buy good quality rice at very affordable prices.

"We did sales for two days and Alhamdulillah, on the first day everything went smoothly, even what we provided on the first day ran out in not almost two hours," he explained. (*)

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